Welcome to ScreenPush.

This is a Simple Mac App that lets you set your Mac Screensaver as your Wallpaper! Allowing you to have an animated wallpaper on macOS. ScreenPush will be set to the default screensaver that is currently set in macOS. Download the dmg above and place it into the Applications folder.

Optional Startup

You want to automatically launch the app when you start macOS? It is very easy! Just navigate to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items. Add ScreenPush to the list by specifying the application. I checked the box to hide the app on log in, so that it does not appear in the dock at startup.

Optional Screensaver

Optionally ,you can use this screensaver by John Coates . It is very simple to install the screensaver. Just unzip and open his screensaver and thats it! He ported the Apple TV 4 Aerial Screensaver to macOS. This helped me come up with this idea of having animated wallpaper on macOS. Aerial screensaver is here.