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Yify-pop on Raspberry Pi

18 Feb 2015 . category: . Comments

After numerous hours trying to get Yify-Pop onto my Raspberry Pi. I decided post my first blog post on how I managed to get it to work.

Github Project: [https://github.com/yify-pop/yify-pop](https://github.com/yify-pop/yify-pop)

Some credit or helpful information here: http://freedif.org/yify-pop-the-opensource-netflix-streaming-torrents-from-yify/

1.       wget http://node-arm.herokuapp.com/node_0.10.35_armhf.deb

2.       sudo dpkg -i node_0.10.35_armhf.deb

3.       mkdir /var/www

4.       cd /var/www

5.       git clone https://github.com/yify-pop/yify-pop

6.       cd yify-pop

NOTE: make sure stay in directory for next commands

7.       npm -g install geddy

8.       npm -g install peerflix

9.       npm install

10.   	 geddy

its should be hosting now : localhost:4000

When you do reboot your Raspberry Pi. To start it again code below:
1. 	cd /var/www/yify-pop
2.  	geddy

now if you want to change the port to 80, which is http run the below command:
1. 		geddy -p 80


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