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Have Office 365? Having problems upgrading from 2013 to Office 2016?

14 Nov 2015 . category: . Comments

Office 365 is subscription which allows you to always have the latest MS Office. I have Office 365 through my University. However, unfortunately cannot install Office 2016 on Windows. When you read their support forums it says you have to wait until February 2016 or until the University allows you to install it earlier. It requires Office 365 Administration on their side, which I don’t have access too.
IMPORTANT: First make sure that you uninstall Office 2013 on the machine that you want to perform this on.

1. 	Download the  Office Deployment Tool

2.	Run the OfficeDeploymentTool.exe as Administrator

3.	It will ask you to extract the files, extract it too C:\Office (create a new folder Office on C Drive)

4.	Right click on configuration.xml open with notepad or text editor. I prefer Atom or Notepad++

5.	You can erase everything in it, make it look like

or Download xml from here or zip here

6.	Save it and over right the changes.

7.	Now open PowerShell as Administrator (you can search Windows)

8.  Type this command
		cd c:\Office

9.	Type this command 
		.\setup.exe /download c:\Office\configuration.xml

10.	There won’t be a UI so wait until command complete

11.	Type final command 
		.\setup.exe /configure c:\Office\configuration.xml

12.	When all complete insert the University Credentials for Office 365 account


Also Will be uploading a zip of the entire Office 2016 to pCloud in the future.

UPDATE 11/15/15: Uploaded Office 2016 to pCloud. Note: you will still need to run the command…you will have to change the command depending on where setup is and the configuration xml file is.

Have any questions feel free to comment or email me!


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